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ExpertIse in beauty

Buzz Beauty 360º offers top level consulting services in beauty care product development and brand development customized to the client’s needs. We created and utilize a unique product interpretation process pre-R&D coined Brief360º. Its implementation has proven to save valuable resources and improve retail product speed to market. Based on client needs, there are two variations to choose from: Dash Brief360º and Ultra Brief360º.


Additionally, the other services available are grouped into 8 major categories: 

Blacklist Creation and Supportive Mantra for Claims (Ex. Clean, Green, Natural)

Ingredient Listing (IL deck) Review

R&D Formulation Discussions

Sourcing of Raw Materials and Components

Sourcing of Private Label Finished Products

Referrals: Independent Formulators and Niche Manufacturing

Advisory Services in Contract Manufacturing Operations and Negotiations

Whitespace Opportunities: Benchmarking Brand and Product Reviews

Speed to Market Timeline Review

Founder, Tiffany Buzzatto, has fifteen years of Beauty Industry experience in a myriad of areas uniting science, marketing, and operational needs. Her creativity and depth of knowledge lends itself in all corresponding areas highlighting a successful track record of all-encompassing beauty product development and brand development. Please reach out below for more information.

Mobile: 949.412.1994


Located in Hermosa Beach, Ca

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